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  personal and organizational transformation

INsideOut is an international consulting, training and development firm with a passion for accelerating individual, team and organizational success. Through a portfolio of objective diagnostic assessment services, we serve as a catalyst for our clients to make enduring
and positive changes from the inside out – to enhance and transform individual and collective capability.

The company has offices in North America, Europe and Asia with an international clientele.

Building Trust • Managing Conflict • Achieving Commitment • Embracing Accountability • Focusing on Results
Developing Individuals Transforming Organizations Assessment Resources
  INsideOut’s coaching and mentoring process emphasizes the unique potential of the individual and provides a structure and process for their development. Our process provides targeted insights and strategies for interpersonal success. » more

If you are an individual and would like to experience the Birkman Method® or PREP™ assessment, click here. A certified consultant will coach you through your results.

There is no question that every organization, to survive and prosper in the future, has to transform its basic structure. The transformation of an organization regardless of size, industry and nationality, is a change in culture, a change in behavior, a change in attitude and often a change in purpose. » more To take the guesswork out of developing individuals and transforming organizations, INsideOut utilizes a variety of psychometrics to facilitate team building, executive coaching, employee selection, leadership development, career counseling, conflict resolution, organizational culture change and other personal and organizational development opportunities.
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