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   » Sylvia Koltzenburg; Founder
   » Dr.Rainer Harnisch; Europe Office
   » Raymond Yang; Asia Office
   » Dr. Henry Tan; Associate
   » Joe Macias; Associate
   » Dr. Anita Schamber; Associate
   » Sylva Leduc; Associate
   » Bego Rodas-Meeker; Associate
   » Larry Meeker; Associate
   » John Leach; Associate

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Our Approach

Our team of skilled consultants is passionate about helping people achieve their potential. Coaching entails a behavior transformation, not just a transfer of knowledge.

Every client is different and so is every INsideOut program.  ‘One size does not fit all’ and thus our approach is fundamentally one that tailors every program to reflect a client’s unique goals and circumstances.

Our programs are based on individual leadership and organizational assessments. We use psychometric instruments to objectively assess and understand the individual’s or organization’s span of influence, strengths and challenges. These assessments can include The Birkman Method®, PREP™ Profiles, Everything DiSC®, the Job-Person-Environment Assessment™ (JPEA™), the Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI), various coaching models, interviews and team workshops.

Depending on your needs, our programs vary in both scope and duration – anywhere from a tune-up in a specific area to a multi-phase program deployed over several months – but we build every program on behavioral transformation through: Building Trust, Managing Conflict, Achieving Commitment, Embracing Accountability and Focusing on Results!

Building Trust • Managing Conflict • Achieving Commitment • Embracing Accountability • Focusing on Results
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