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To take the guesswork out of developing individuals and transforming organizations, INsideOut utilizes a variety of psychometrics to facilitate individual coaching, team building, executive coaching, employee selection, leadership development, career counseling, conflict resolution, organizational culture change and other personal and organization development opportunities as appropriate.
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If you are an individual and would like to experience The Birkman Method® or the PREP™ Personality Profile, click on the assessment links below:

The Birkman Method® @ $475 is recommended for executive coaching, life-work balance, relationship counseling and career guidance. Price includes a 60 – 90 minute consultation with an experienced certified consultant.

The PREP™ Personality Profile @ $375 is recommended for effective communication skills, life-work balance, stress counseling and relationship counseling. Price includes a 60 – 90 minute consultation with an experienced certified consultant.

INsideOut Assessments accelerate breakthrough performance by quickly developing a common language, creating a culture of trust, and increasing personal engagement and accountability for producing strong and consistent results.

Please Contact Us if you would like to discuss potential consulting needs/opportunities for you team/s or organization.

Sample Reports  Click the below links to view the reports in PDF format.
Your Report Set combination will be determined by your consultant.

Birkman® Direct Standard Report Formats (PDF)
Birkman® Preview Report (PDF)
Birkman® Career Management Plus Report (PDF)
Birkman® Basic Personality Profile Report (PDF)
Birkman® Leadership Style Grid Report (PDF)
Birkman® Needs at a Glance Report (PDF)
Birkman® Employee Development Report (PDF)
Birkman® 360 Report (PDF)
PREP™ Profile (PDF) 
PREP™ Group Chart (PDF
PREP™ Coaching Guide (PDF)

Building Trust • Managing Conflict • Achieving Commitment • Embracing Accountability • Focusing on Results
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