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INsideOut helps organizations gain a competitive edge in today's global market by building a team where the strengths of each team member are focused in a collaborative effort. How a team harnesses the strengths of all its members is what determines success. In other words, a team that communicates and works well has synergy and achieves better results than individuals working alone.

For nearly 30 years, INsideOut associates have been pioneers in helping companies with strategies demanding high levels of collaboration to develop high performance work teams. Accurate assessment is a cornerstone to both personal and group development. Utilizing a selection of objective personality and culture assessments, companies can learn more about how to select each member of a team and how to assemble teams that will have synergy in communicating and working together. Objective assessments provide critical insights into:

  • Communicating within teams
  • Trust among team members
  • Cooperation among team members
  • Interpersonal conflicts within teams
  • Adaptation of a team to a changing environment
  • Stress experienced by team members
  • Motivation of team members to achieve team goals

Based on this feedback, teams can develop relevant action plans for increased team impact and effectiveness.

Team Development Process

The Team Player – Focus on the individual members of the team.
Individual feedback provides each team member with an understanding of their strengths and what can help them be more successful. Each becomes grounded in what they can bring to the team.

Team Dynamics – Focus on identifying and defining the team structure.
A Team Dynamics session helps to compare and contrast the different characteristics of team members. INsideOut identifies points of potential conflict and creates strategies for managing personal and team behavior. The team leader receives specific follow up steps that they can use to manage and motivate the team. Discussion considers team strengths is and blind spots, as well as how to avoid conflict and utilize each other’s strengths.

Team Focus –Focus on a strategy for tackling a major project or goal.
Once we understand the individual and team, we then focus on addressing specific business issues or milestones that the team must execute to align with the organization’s business goals.

The Team Coach – Focus on preparing the team leader.
INsideOut consultants work with team managers to help them understand how to bring out the best in each of their people. The manager, as Team Coach, receives ongoing coaching on each member of the team, as well as the group, to sustain the improved team dynamics. Successful organizations understand that coaching and feedback are necessary to create high-performance teams.

Great managers and leaders wear many hats; they may be skilled negotiators, artisans of compromise, masters of opportunity, or even occasional miracle-makers. But first and foremost, they are coaches. We’re all born with the potential to perform better. Exceptional leaders help bring out the skills and talents already inside each one of us.

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