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Customized Solutions

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» Customized Solutions

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Assessment Resources
Integration of Assessments into existing Consulting and Coaching

Assessments lend objective, non-judgmental data and can be easily integrated into existing coaching, development, performance management and team building exercises. These can accelerate the inherent goals of personal and organizational development.

Often clients require that our consultants tackle critical business situations – these may seem ‘common’ on the surface but are unique to each organization.

The following list is representative of some of INsideOut's custom designed engagements to meet client need:

Coaching People Through Change
• How to avoid passive resistance
• Maintain focus despite disruption
• Create a climate responsive to change

Building Trust on Teams
• How do we make good decisions in a timely fashion?
• Who owns the decision?
• How to make a group decision that will stick

Managing Conflict
• How to avoid becoming paralyzed by conflict
• Ways to surface hidden issues
• What to do when it gets heated

Stress Management
• How do we differ in what causes us stress
• How do we know when we really are at the end of our rope?
• What should I do to avoid a total melt down?

Dealing with Difficult People
• What to do when someone is a negative influence on the team
• How to give tough feedback
• The best ways to respond to stress behaviors in others so the situation doesn’t escalate

Career Coaching
• Professional and personal discovery
• Bringing out the possibilities within
• Making the most of personal and professional relationships
• Setting and achieving goals
• Managing change effectively
• Building confidence and positive thinking to produce results

Building Trust • Managing Conflict • Achieving Commitment • Embracing Accountability • Focusing on Results
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