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Assessment Resources
INsideOut utilizes a selection of assessments to objectively identify the key behaviors and motivations that will lead to the success of people, teams and the whole organization.

Leaders are not just found but are developed. The INsideOut coaching process includes:

  • Selecting the right coach for the executive.
  • Assessing the leader – gaining a keen perspective of who the executive is at the core and understanding how the executive is performing.
  • The coach interacting with the executive, their superiors, peers and subordinates – including “shadowing” and a 360 assessment.
  • The executive fully understanding what they need to change to improve their personal effectiveness and developing an action plan in alignment with the organization’s strategic initiatives.

From Good to Great
If you look at any successful athlete, performer, actor, etc…all of them employ a coach. Executive coaching is not a sign of weakness or of any shortcoming. Day in and day out athletes work with their coach to improve every aspect of their game and help them deal with the stress and pressure and how it impacts their personal life. Executive coaching works because it allows you to focus on working on a specific aspect of your “game” to excel at a higher level.

Coaching for Impact
Another critical factor in our Executive Coaching process is that in addition to improving the executive’s leadership skills, we also improve their ability to coach others throughout the organization. Most organizations understand that coaching and feedback are necessary to create high-performance teams. Yet most organizations consistently struggle with effective coaching and feedback.

Great managers and leaders wear many hats; they may be skilled negotiators, artisans of compromise, masters of opportunity, or even occasional miracle-makers. But first and foremost, they are coaches. We’re all born with the potential to perform better. Exceptional leaders help bring out the skills and talents already inside each one of us.

Executive Coaching Outcomes
Executive Coaching provides leaders with a trusted advisor, listener, and champion who holds them accountable for winning results. Supported by highly experienced leadership coaches, executives create their own personal effectiveness plans. INsideOut's one-on-one Executive Coaching assists leaders in applying their learning to real-time business situations. With Executive Coaching, executives become adept at:

  • Uniting employees around organizational goals.
  • Building the leadership capability for a high-performance culture.
  • Driving breakthrough performance in the organization.
  • Creating a culture of trust and coach-readiness.

INsideOut’s Executive Coaching methodology not only improves the leadership and coaching skills of leaders throughout the organization, but also drives business results by linking the coaching process to the organization’s values, business needs and strategic goals. Rather than waiting until something goes wrong, companies now look to bring in an executive coach to take their leaders who are already good, and make them truly great.

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