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Hiring & Employee Selection: “Right People, Right Place”

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Whether your organization has one critical C-Level position to fill or several entry-level positions, INsideOut can help you effectively target the best person for the job.

The ideal candidate needs to fit the work environment as well as the corporate culture. INsideOut helps organizations build competencies for senior level jobs, and match individual’s behaviors and motivations against that measurement. This process permits an organization to hire right the first time and avoid costly mistakes.

Targeting the C-Level Executive or Senior Management Hire

For executive level recruiting, the measurement becomes more qualitative based on the responsibilities or decisions that person would be performing. (i.e. how do they make complex decisions, how do they resolve conflict, etc.). The process is as follows:

  • Identify the desired behaviors
  • Assign a statistical value to each of the desired behaviors
  • Ask candidates to complete the assessment
  • Analyze the results and create decision making data points

The INsideOut consultant then discusses with leadership the characteristics that emerge so knowledgeable decisions can be made and expectations defined.

Targeting the Ideal Performer

Understanding what separates the best from the rest of the candidates is a science. Having a clear understanding of what defines a successful performer in your organization, will help ensure that you are hiring – and ultimately promoting, developing, and retaining the best!

INsideOut’s approach to critically analyzing success helps you define, objectively and accurately, your ideal performer – what that person really wants to do, their natural strengths and what they require to perform to their strengths.

While the specific steps might vary based on organizational and project needs, the following steps are typical of the process:

  • Evaluation of job description and discussion with key managers.
  • Obtain profiles (15 - 20) of your successful people and statistically assess the success factors.
  • Establish the Performance Benchmark – the success factors within a given job to be utilized by leadership in hiring the characteristics that have already proven successful.
  • Draft questions to be integrated in a customized hiring assessment.
  • Ask recruits to complete the assessment.
  • Perform a gap analysis to determine the ‘fit’ of the recruit within the business – whether there are development issues that could be addressed or whether there are factors suggesting too much of a difference for the culture and environment.
  • Targeted Development Plans can be created to ensure that employees attain superior performance.

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