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The Job- Person-Environment Assessment™ is a tool that provides the information on which individuals can base choices about managing their energy at work. The JPEA™ has demonstrated impressive reliability for over 25 years. Using an in-depth online statement and response system, individuals receive results in a clear, business-oriented and non-judgmental language that reveals:
  • The "fit" between them and their job;
  • The "support" their organization's environment provides;
  • The sources of their energy drain and/or gain at work;
  • Options they can consider for maximizing their energy; and
  • The potential impact of their work style preferences on relationships. 

JPEA™ diagnostics can be grouped and/or aggregated and analyzed to identify central tendencies or trends among participants. These results also can be used to focus and facilitate discussions about organizational situations. Accurate diagnosis can be seen as a necessary first step in an effective intervention of any type.

INsideOut utilizes the JPEA™ for one-to-one comparisons between the requirements of the job and the employee’s (or candidate’s) preferences in ten (10) work related areas, thereby identifying the areas of work, besides skill, that are likely to inhibit or promote their success. The JPEA™ gives people the opportunity to perform a job that benefits both the employer and the employee. It will also identify poor employee job fit and facilitate the design of sharply-focused employee development plans.

Ultimately, organizational excellence depends on employees being energized, excited, and engaged, which encourages their commitment. When employees are being drained, and their primary aim is surviving work, all you can count on is their compliance.

The JPEA™ produces results in a language that facilitates communication about key work-related issues that are most likely to affect employee productivity, synergy, and fulfillment.

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