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Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI)

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What is the OCAI?

The Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI) is a hassle-free tool for diagnosing organizational culture, developed by professors Robert Quinn and Kim Cameron. OCAI is a validated instrument, based on the Competing Values Framework, and used by over 10,000 companies worldwide. It takes about seventeen minutes to  complete the assessment to measure the current as well as the preferred culture.

The cultural assessment is often the first intervention in corporate culture. It makes people aware of “how we do things around here” and prompts expectations of change...

It’s framework consists of four Competing Values that correspond with four types of organizational culture. (Clan, Adhocracy, Market and Hierarchy) Every organization has its own mix of these four types of organizational culture.

What does the OCAI measure?

The assessment is available online. Results will be automatically processed and presented in a team/departmental profile. The OCAI report contains the following:

  • The collective profile with current and preferred culture and an explanation
  • An analysis of the discrepancy between current and preferred culture

Test takers will judge the six dimensions of their organization that are found to determine success:

1. Dominant Characteristics of the Organization
2. Organizational Leadership
3. Management of Employees
4. Organizational Glue
5. Strategic Emphases
6. Criteria for Success

Why use the OCAI for diagnosing culture in organizations and teams?
  • It gives a validated and quantified image of overall culture as a starting point for change.
  • It is timely and focused: It measures six key aspects that make a difference for success. and both assessment and change strategy can be done quickly.
  • It is inclusive, as it is easy to include all personnel and gives an idea of employee satisfaction, based on discrepancies between current and preferred culture.
  • It’s manageable with a step-by-step method for change that involves as many employees as you want.

The OCAI supplies a clear vision on the preferred culture that can be adapted into a road map for change that will mobilize your organization to sustainable change.

In the “bottom up” process of reaching consensus about current and preferred culture and understanding it thoroughly, you win more than just the hearts and minds of your staff. In this process you’re able to build trust and to detect second thoughts, objections and doubts and solve those. This will reduce the chance of sabotage and enhance commitment, even enthusiasm and engagement.

The OCAI is practical and focused, timely, manageable, quantitative, inclusive, and valid! INsideOut assists you in managing your organizational culture right now and preparing your organization for the future.

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