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Organizational Culture Change

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Organizational Culture Change

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Organizational culture is the collective behavior of people that are part of an organization. Numerous factors affect the way people and groups interact with each other, with clients, and with stakeholders.

Changing the Organizational Culture

Importantly, it is more difficult to change the culture of an existing organization than to create a culture in a brand new organization.

People find it easier to change if they trust their leaders. How the leaders understand and leverage human capital is critical to effective culture change. Aligning the company’s culture, values, people, behaviors and motivations encourages the desired results.

INsideOut provides all the resources to create a culture of competent leaders, empowered employees and satisfied customers. We use a variety of time tested diagnostic methods to measure and support individual, team, and organizational behavior:

Individual Measurement:
Behavioral Style Assessments – Allows individuals to determine their individual behavioral style with immediate online results offering tips on how best to work with different people and different styles.

Team Measurement:

Team Culture Profiles – Measures team characteristics to create a revealing and penetrating summary of the team’s strengths and challenges, and its impact on the larger organizational culture.

Organizational Measurement:
Corporate Culture Profiles – Measures organizational characteristics to illustrate the impact of an organization’s culture on key strategic initiatives. These can also be used as a baseline for ongoing measurement of improvements.

Executive Support and Training

Once patterns are quantified and understood, INsideOut provides the executive support and training that is critical to modifying an existing culture.

  • Executive support:  Executives need the knowledge and resources to champion change. Executives must lead the change by changing their own behaviors and "walking the talk".
  • Training:  Culture change depends on behavior change. Members of the organization must clearly understand what is expected of them. Training is essential for communicating expectations and teaching new behaviors.

Additional Components of Culture Change

INsideOut consultants can help an organization understand and implement the following additional components to effectively change its culture:

  • Create value and belief statements: use employee focus groups, by department, to translate how the mission, vision, and values impact on each employee's job.
  • Practice effective communication: clarifying expectations and keeping all employees informed and engaged, is critical for effective organizational culture change.
  • Review organizational structure: changing the physical structure of the company to align it with the desired organizational culture may be necessary.
  • Redesign your approach to rewards and recognition: to encourage the behaviors vital to the desired organizational culture.
  • Review all work systems such as employee promotions, pay practices, performance management and employee selection to make sure they are aligned with the desired culture.

For culture change to be effective, the entire management team and department heads need to be fully supportive. Changing organizational culture requires time, commitment and proper execution.

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