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PREP™ Personal Strengths Profile Reports

PREP™ personality reports help you discover your personality factor– "who you really are" – in a non-judgmental, informative way. You will get tips and advice for making better life choices. You won’t get advice on how to change to match someone else's expectations. Most importantly, you will learn that there is no good or bad way to be. There is no right or wrong. But, there are clear ways to communicate to be heard when people have quite different personalities and assumptions.

The Survey's easy web-based, simple, and non-threatening vocabulary delivers incredibly accurate, positive and powerful personality reports. The Questionnaire takes less than 10 minutes to complete while the reports feature not only personality styles, but dynamic stress lines indicating behavioral and motivational change as well as energy reserve and change readiness.
For Individuals

PREP™'s Personality Profile System offers insights to:

  • understand the impact of your actions on yourself and others
  • interact with each other, using respectful language to better listen, understand, effectively communicate and build high trust relationships
  • recognize your stress to energy ratio – is your ‘bucket’ filled to overflowing or do you need more challenges?
For Organizations

Implementing PREP™ Personality Reports Into Your Organization:

PREP™ is an integrated profile system of easy-to-use, fully-validated, tools, surveys, software programs and publications designed to assist in understanding and managing current and prospective employees in:

  • Coaching current employees and managers
  • Building winning teams
  • Communicating effectively
  • Enhancing leadership training and organizational development

INsideOut’s trainings and mentor sessions – whether face-to-face or online – offer insights into how personality impacts different aspects of communication, interpersonal relationships and change/stress management.

Building Trust • Managing Conflict • Achieving Commitment • Embracing Accountability • Focusing on Results
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