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杨雪峰 Raymond Yang; Asia Office (Shenyang, China)

Raymond YangMr. Yang has 15 years of training and consulting experience for international business firms in China. Training focuses mostly on marketing service, leadership development and communication. Consulting service focuses mainly on corporate culture development, business assessment and master planning. In addition, as an international business culture consultant, Mr. Yang has gained an exceptional reputation for achieving commitment and focusing on results in some of the international firms with whom he has had the privilege of working.

Mr. Yang founded Harmony Counseling Center in 2003. The company has been working with George Fox University to train professional systematic counselors in China. Combining systematic counseling, coaching skills, Mr. Yang and his team have been providing EAP services in China. Above this, they also tailor made the new approach of EGP (employee growth program) for the sake of Chinese culture. Three years of these practices have proven the incredible effect of this approach.

Mr. Yang also serves as the German TEMP consultant providing corporate assessment and improvement consulting service. As an associate of Interpersonal Communication Program. Inc, his company also provides effective communication training.

Some of the successful cross cultural business consulting experiences Mr. Yang has had, were helping some American companies to sensitize and accelerate their business negotiation in building cooperative relationships with large Chinese companies (Gates Rubber, ECONALYTIC Inc, etc) within China.

杨雪峰先生于2003年创办了沈阳市和谐心理咨询有限公司,与美国乔治福克斯大学研究生院合作,为中国培养了一批系统心理治疗的专业人才。结合系统治疗和企业教练的技术,杨雪峰和他的团队共同众多企业提供EAP服务,同时还为中国企业量身定做了EGP课程,经过3年的检验,在 EGP 课程的应用上得到了令人惊喜的效果。
在杨雪峰先生的众多企业顾问经历中,曾为Gates Rubber,ECONALYTIC Inc等美国企业提供商务文化顾问,帮助这些企业在与中国企业谈判过程中更好地彼此理解,大大缩短了谈判进程,为企业节省大量的资源,并为市场开拓争取了宝贵的时间。受到企业的好评。

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