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Employee Retention – Retaining Top Performers

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Many books have been written stating that the number one issue facing business is finding and keeping good employees.

Employee turnover is expensive in countless ways. Training and increased recruitment costs are the most obvious. The loss of talent and organizational knowledge is more insidious and is often avoidable. Surveys suggest that good employees leave primarily because of limited opportunities for advancement (39 %), unhappiness with management (23%), and lack of recognition (17%).

The good news is that there are many proven methods to help organizations do a better job of finding and keeping good employees.

Retention Strategies

To retain the best employees, managers must support their development while keeping the organization's goals in clear focus.

INsideOut utilizes objective assessments as part of implementing an effective rewards system to attain specific goals. These outcomes include higher profitability, improved customer satisfaction, lower absenteeism as well as higher employee retention.
Integrated System for Retaining Employees  
Phase 1:
INsideOut provides insight into your organization's motivation and retention culture through surveys and focus groups.

Phase 2:
INsideOut next designs high involvement job and work assignments that include:
  Wide variety of tasks and skills
Opportunities to learn
Authority to make decisions
Feedback on results
Resources and support to be successful
Phase 3:
INsideOut trains supervisors and managers in proven methods of motivational leadership:
  Inspiring a shared vision and direction
Developing the capabilities of others
Recognizing and appreciating employee contributions
Serving as a role model
Phase 4:
INsideOut delivers a plan for employee career paths and skill building:
  Designing career paths, not necessarily up the organizational chart
Identifying core competencies for different career paths
Planning training and other opportunities to build competencies
Mentoring for employee direction
Phase 5:
INsideOut builds a tailored reward and recognition system to fit your organization's culture:
  Identifying activities, attitudes and contributions to be recognized and rewarded
Matching reward and recognition options to performance contributions
Establishing specific motivational approaches for retaining employees

The loss of top performers is an unsettling prospect for any organization, but it can be minimized. INsideOut’s integrated retention system transforms your organizational culture and enhances your competitive edge.

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