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Our Team

Sylvia M.Koltzenburg; Founder

SylviaSylvia Koltzenburg was born in Germany, raised in Canada, has lived on both east and west coasts across North America and now lives in beautiful Whistler, BC. Sylvia is a seasoned corporate development executive with a passion for accelerating individual, team and organizational success. Sylvia has over 20 years leadership experience -. in highly dynamic environments - with organizations of all sizes and across industries in North America, Europe and Asia.

Sylvia’s organizational experience includes a 10+year career with Birkman® International, an assessment consulting company based in Houston, Texas. Her expertise lies in integrating assessment technology in helping to change lives, individually and corporately. She led the organizational transition initiatives to position the company in the global marketplace. During this time she also facilitated the culture change initiatives with key leadership for the Boeing - McDonald-Douglas merger.

Sylvia served as the Executive Director for Leadership Development International, a non-profit company based in China with a focus on marketplace ministry and education. She has worked with clients from Beijing in the northeast close to the Mongolian border, to Qingdao in the south, a city founded by Germans on the Yellow Sea. President Chan Kei Thong writes, "Sylvia is a communicator par excellance. Wherever she goes she is very well received because of her innate ability to translate her understanding of human nature to cross-cultural applications. She is a gifted cultural ambassador!"

Throughout her career, Sylvia has held senior level positions requiring strategic leadership, excellent interpersonal skills, advocacy, resourcefulness, organizational agility and a global perspective. She has been a change agent in the lives of thousands of people, working as a catalyst in helping them make strategic personal and organizational decisions. Clients would describe her as passionately committed to maximizing individual, team and organizational potential.

Masters Degree – Education and Counseling Psychology
Hardin Simmons University; Abilene, TX

Certificate of Special Studies in Administration and Management
Harvard University - Graduate Programs; Cambridge, MA

Bachelors Degree – Education
University of Winnipeg; Winnipeg, MB

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