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Assessment Resources
INsideOut believes in developing a strong internal-external partnership with our clients. This program is designed for corporate trainers and others who are responsible for coaching and facilitation and would like to incorporate the power of the coaching proceses, utilizing selected assessments in their existing work.

The initial objective of "Train the Trainer" is to teach coaches and trainers how to provide individual feedback on a person's assessment profile. INsideOut will then work with your HR/OD Department to integrate assessment data into your organization's specific applications.

To meet this objective, you will learn how to:

  • Explain the construct behind the methodologies
  • Define each of the categories that are measured by the assessments
  • Translate data into real world examples
  • Interpret scoring patterns
  • Link the various reports together in a cohesive manner
  • Identify a person's key areas for development

The learning environment of our "Train the Trainer" sessions is highly interactive. To promote retention, you will immediately gain confidence through small group breakout sessions, case studies and presentations.

Prior to attending the program you will be asked to have a person you know very well – typically a spouse, sibling or close friend – complete the profile. Their reports, as well as your own, will be used as a learning tool to help you understand and interpret the data.

The investment to attend a "Train the Trainer" program includes:

  • Assessment support materials
  • Your personal assessment reports
  • The personal assessment reports of your case study
  • Two practice reports to use post program to further develop your skills
  • Two hours of coaching, post program, to answer your questions and to foster a successful start using the methodology

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