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Transforming Organizations

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There is no question that every organization, to survive and prosper in the future, has to transform its basic structure - this is the good news. The bad news is that few seem to be willing to actually do it. Transformation is not something you do to an organization. Transform means to "change form".

The key to completing the journey successfully requires a deep personal process, both individually and organizationally. This is not something that management “does to” the rest of the organization nor is it something that can be done to an organization “from outside.”

Many reorganizations are merely replacing players within and/or rearranging components of what is essentially the same architecture. This is “rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.” The transformation of an organization regardless of size, industry and nationality, is a change in culture, a change in behavior, a change in attitude and often a change in purpose. It is a reconceiving of the entire paradigm of the organization.

INsideOut has extensive experience and expertise in measuring and tracking the factors that drive organizational health and performance. We use a variety of time-tested diagnostic methods, which measure cultural behaviors on three levels: individual, team, and organization.

Individual Measurement:
Behavioral Style Assessments – Allows individuals to determine their individual behavioral style with immediate online results offering tips on how best to work with different people and different styles.

Team Measurement:

Team Culture Profiles – Measures team characteristics to create a revealing and penetrating summary of the team’s strengths and challenges, and its impact on the larger organizational culture.

Organizational Measurement:
Corporate Culture Profiles – Measures organizational characteristics to illustrate the impact of an organization’s culture on key strategic initiatives. These can also be used as a baseline for ongoing measurement of improvements.

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